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Train with our Kinesiologists, inspiring human movement specialists ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re pursuing a lifestyle change, rehabilitating an injury, or just trying to improve your overall fitness, we specialize in tailoring client-centered programs for the absolute beginner to the more advanced fitness enthusiast. 

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Kinesiology/Active Rehab Services
in Vancouver, Burnaby & Richmond, BC

ICBC Active Rehabilitation

50 Min Session

If you suffered an injury from a motor vehicle accident, contact our ICBC approved Kinesiologist for more information about the programs we offer that will help you get back to your regular daily activities.


No charge

Functional Movement Screen

50 Min Session

Contact us to book your movement screening to determine dysfunctional movement patterns and imbalances in ranges of motions that may put you at an increased risk for injury. 


Exercise Therapy Programs

50 Min Session

Looking to manage or prevent a chronic condition using exercise? Contact our experienced Kinesiologist to learn how an exercise therapy program can benefit your current health status and at the same time, improve your overall fitness.


Functional Fitness Programs

50 Min Session

Looking for an adrenaline rush before work or wanting to relieve some of the work stress from a long day? We specialize in functional fitness programs that will meet you where you’re at and help you achieve the fitness goals you’re pursuing in a safe, efficient and fun way. 




50 Min Session

Looking for ways to improve your aerobic capacity or lactic threshold? Interested in improving your movement mechanics to be more efficient and explosive? Our Kinesiologist is ready to help you strive to reach those goals that will take your game to the next level.


Body Composition Analysis

50 Min Session

Interested in what your body fat percentage is? Contact us to book your 7- site skinfold analysis to determine your body composition and receive a free consultation with our Kinesiologist. This can be used as your baseline measurement to determine how much progress you are making as we strive to reach those fitness goals.




Almost 5 years ago I injured my ankle and was told that i'll never be able to do the same activities that I used to be able to do. The injury cause my Talus Bone (middle of my ankle) to have no bone marrow, arthritis and only 2 nerve endings. I used to work at 3 gyms and loved being physically active. I had to wear a boot for a year and slowly work my way up to regular mobility.

Jordan and I started working together in 2019 and the amount of mobility I have now is incredible. We still have a ways to go and i'm so excited!! Because of Kin Therapy Fitness I was able to go on my first ever hike and made it 20 km and only stopping once to take pictures at the top!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing Jordan if you need help in anyway because his talents are more then words can describe!


I started going recently to see Jordan Javier and it has been amazing. My body feels great and I am pushing myself much more than I ever thought I would. I am very happy to be training with Jordan and the results I am seeing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


Not sure where to start because there's genuinely too much to say in one review! Jordan is a student of the game, but he already knows so much when it comes to injury prevention, rehab and overall sports performance. Personally, I've dealt with some chronic injuries from playing basketball at a high-level and Jordan helped me to finally get my body right. And when I say helped, that care extended past the weight room and rehab work! He consistently checked up on me to see how things were going. I'm careful with who I promote, but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Jordan as he's very passionate, detail-oriented, client-focused and at the end of the day overall just a great person.


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